March 5, 2023
Looking for a luxurious yet affordable apartment in Islamabad? Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 might just be the perfect choice for you! This joint venture between the Government of Pakistan and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) offers modern and comfortable living spaces to overseas Pakistanis.

Conveniently located on Lehtrar Road in Zone 4 of Islamabad, this development boasts state-of-the-art amenities and modern construction. The CDA has specifically designed this project to provide Overseas Pakistanis with a safe and convenient investment option while delivering a high-quality living experience at reasonable prices.

Developers and Owners of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1 :

The Government of Pakistan and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have collaborated to introduce an apartment project, Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1, aimed at facilitating overseas Pakistanis to invest in cost-effective housing schemes in Islamabad. The project comprises apartments that feature two bedrooms and have an area of 779 square feet. It presents a remarkable chance for overseas Pakistanis to invest in an economical housing project that is endorsed by the CDA, providing them the convenience and security of investing in a project supported by the Pakistani Government.

NOC of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

Investors seeking a stable return on investment should consider Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1, as the Capital Development Authority is the owner and its NOC is already approved. Given its legal status, this project presents an ideal investment opportunity in Islamabad.

Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 NOC

Location Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

This exquisite apartment project provides a perfect living experience, nestled in the heart of Zone 4 in Islamabad. Located on Lehtrar Road, the project enjoys close proximity to various amenities and conveniences of urban life. With its contemporary and luxurious features, this apartment project promises a comfortable and pleasant living experience.
Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 location

Accessibility of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 occupies a prime location in Zone 4, offering direct and indirect connections to all areas of Islamabad. Its proximity to Club Road, ISB Expressway, and Sirinagar Highway makes it an excellent investment opportunity and a desirable place to live. With easy access to transportation and all the amenities of the city, this project is perfect for those who want to enjoy city life. The project offers accessibility to the following areas as per the latest information:

Club Road is approximately 12.8 kilometers away from the apartment project.
ISB Expressway is located approximately 14.8 kilometers away from the apartment project.
Sirinagar Highway is situated around 15.3 kilometers away from the apartment project.
Tourist Highway can be accessed from the apartment project, which is approximately 16.5 kilometers away.

Master Plan of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

The Capital Development Authority has gained worldwide recognition for its planning, development, and maintenance of Pakistan's second most beautiful capital city. It is no wonder that overseas Pakistanis showed interest in Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 shortly after its launch. This exciting new project is set to transform the skyline of Islamabad.

Although the master plan details have not been released yet, the developers have promised that this project will revolutionize high-rise buildings in Islamabad. With a perfect blend of modern amenities, convenience, and luxury, Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 is a dream home for many. Its unique location, breathtaking views, and cutting-edge designs make it stand out among other developments in Islamabad. This project is set to be a spectacular addition to the city, and it is highly anticipated by many.

Balloting of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 is crafted to offer a comfortable living experience and cater to all the essential requirements of its residents. Being supported by CDA, the most reliable development authority in the country, this project is expected to yield significant future returns. Investing in this project is undoubtedly a smart decision and a rewarding one. CDA has also officially announced the date of balloting for this project.

As per the notification, the balloting will be conducted through a secure and convenient online computerized ballot on April 15, 2023. NADRA's e-Balloting solution will ensure a quick and transparent balloting process.
Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 Balloting

Apartments of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 is conveniently located, providing residents with easy access to the city's shopping malls, restaurants, and other attractions. The project offers apartments suitable for families of all sizes. Each apartment is designed by the architects to meet the highest living standards, providing a comfortable and secure environment for its residents. All apartments in this building have a size of 779 square feet, making them perfect for individuals and small families.

Payment Plan of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

The payment plan offered by Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 is not only attractive but also convenient for many buyers. Its flexible terms and affordable monthly payments make it an excellent investment option without putting a strain on your finances. Although the government and CDA have not yet disclosed the payment plan's details, they assure that it will be affordable and suitable for overseas Pakistanis from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Possession of Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

The aim of this project is to offer affordable housing solutions without compromising on quality. Meticulous planning and development have been undertaken to ensure that the living spaces provided are of the highest standards, while still being within reach of those with budget constraints. The government has recently announced that the possession process for the apartments will commence in July 2023. Clients who have cleared their payments will be granted possession of their apartments.

Facilities and Amenities Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase1:

The primary objective of constructing this premium apartment project in the capital city of Pakistan is to meet the highest living standards and provide a comfortable and secure environment for its residents. This apartment project offers affordable housing, a prime location, an eco-friendly and peaceful environment, and excellent security, making it the perfect place to call home. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned all the facilities and amenities with utmost care and attention to detail. Residents can enjoy a comfortable, secure, and peaceful lifestyle with easy access to all the necessary facilities. The CDA is taking great care to ensure that the project meets international standards and uses the latest technologies and materials.

The facilities and amenities provided by this project include health facilities, educational facilities, recreational facilities, free dedicated car parking, a gated environment, a gated community, an accessible location, and international infrastructure.


In conclusion, Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 offers a convenient location, making it easy to access the city's shopping malls, restaurants, and other attractions. This project is ideal for anyone looking for an excellent quality of life in Islamabad. The flexible and affordable payment plan makes it easier to budget for and assures you that you can make payments on your purchase without any unexpected financial burdens. Whether you are looking for a place to call home or a holiday destination, Nilore Overseas Residencia Phase-1 is the perfect choice for overseas Pakistanis.

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