Kingdom valley Islamabad 

Before knowing about Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location explore something exciting about society. In the heart of Islamabad, there is a brand-new luxury housing society called Kingdom Valley. This property is the hub of multiple upscale housing complexes on Chakri Road.

The city is a nice destination to visit with its serene infrastructure. The amenities include hospitals, parks, schools, and more. Kingdom Valley sets higher standards for your way of life. It offers several commercial and residential plots. Investors can invest easily without worrying Kingdom Valley Islamabad location. Because the society is at ideal location and offers a flexible payment schedule.

What is the exact Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location?

Kingdom valley Islamabad location is the first ever choice of buyers. We understand that when investors and residents decide to buy a house, locations are the most important factor. Additionally, there are special reasons why location is the most important deciding factor.
Before conducting business, people must confirm that the place is reachable from the city's key locations. The kingdom Valley location is ideal and it is situated in a prime location close to Islamabad.
Kingdom valley Islamabad location and available plots for sale


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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a family community


Cost-effective investments and budgets


Easy payment schedules


Excellent amenities and services

living Style

Luxurious way to live


Current state of technology


The ideal moment to invest in order to maximize returns

Kingdom valley Islamabad location nearby landmarks

10 minutes from Rawalpindi Cadet College
5 kilometers from Rawalpindi Ring Road.
5 kilometers from the Thalian Interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
4 kilometers on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2
So, residents and investors should not worry about the kingdom valley Islamabad location. It is in a perfect location away from the bustle of  busy city life.

Kingdom valley Islamabad NOC status

Kingdom valley Islamabad and kingdom valley NOC are the top most concerns regarding the society. Above we have discussed location and nearby landmarks. The no-objection certificate is abbreviated as NOC for Kingdom Valley Islamabad. With its NOC certification under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, Kingdom Valley is a completely legal housing development. The Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management has given their approval for the project.

Kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan and master plan

At the federal level, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad location, payment plan, and master plan is being implemented. The complete development of the society is also covered by and extends over an area of about 15000 Kanal. In addition, the valley project's plots are very reasonably priced and comprise residential, commercial, foreign, farmhouses, and villas as discussed below:
Option 1

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Executive block

For Pakistanis who reside abroad, there is a plan for an overseas executive block. Compared to the rest of the housing society, Kingdom valley Islamabad's location of executive block offers better amenities and facilities. Furthermore, it is an unbreakable initiative for Pakistanis living abroad to live in homes with the best amenities and security.

Option 1

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses

Mental strain can be brought on by leading a busy and boisterously monotonous existence. Furthermore, one occasionally wants to live in a peaceful and tranquil environment to take a break from this busy lifestyle. Similarly, kingdom Valley Farm House is a location where people can openly admire the beauty of nature and enjoy luxury. The farmhouse is now situated in the peaceful, middle region of the design, like in a perfect world.
Option 1

Kingdom Valley Islamabad General Block

Kingdom Valley Islamabad's General Block has all the amenities and facilities that a resident may expect in his new neighborhood. Furthermore, its affordable prices and installment plans make it possible for all lower- and middle-class people to purchase a dream home in Islamabad. Kingdom valley general block contains residential and commercial plots of different sizes at different prices. These plots are available on easy installments as well as discount prices.
Option 1

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Residential Plot

The residential plot is the major portion of kingdom valley housing society. Family-friendly facilities and services are easily available in the residential sector. In addition, different-sized plots are offered depending on the needs and financial situation of the family. Kingdom valley Islamabad location of residential block makes it completely practical for the residents to live there.


Kingdom valley Islamabad Commercial Plots

Every society needs a commercial center to best serve its citizens. For investors wishing to put money into a risk-free and secure real estate investment, the commercial plots in kingdom valley Islamabad present a fantastic opportunity. Additionally, the prices of plots are rising quickly for the commercial property positions along Main Boulevard. Kingdom valley Islamabad location makes it premier business hub.

Kingdom Villas

The villas in the housing development have been exquisitely built by the architects for the comfort of the occupants. An effort called The Kingdom Villas seeks to elevate the standard for an opulent living in Islamabad. Additionally, it is a great location for those looking to construct gorgeous mansions. The villa's appeal is increased by the availability of theme parks, libraries, community centres, and large mosques that may meet all of your social demands.

Kingdom Apartments

Another upcoming building, Kingdom Apartment, will provide sustainable living conditions to all of its tenants and investors. Additionally, this project's infrastructure will be beautiful because to the usage of Italian marble. There will also be a ton of amenities like a gym, a swing pool, stores, hotels, a cutting-edge sanitization system, and unbreakable security. All of these amenities will be cost-effectively priced.

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September 28, 2022
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September 21, 2022
Chairman kingdom valley presenting the man of the match award

Mr. Ghulam Hussain shahid chairman kingdom valley presenting man of the match award in the ongoing series between England and Pakistan.

September 21, 2022
Kingdom valley is now the official sponsor of the Pakistan vs England T20i series 2022

Kingdom valley is now the official sponsor of Pakistan vs England T20i series. Mr. Ghulam Hussain shahid chairman and owner of kingdom valley Islamabad is instrumental in promoting sports in the country.

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