Islamabad blue world city

September 15, 2022

Islamabad blue world city

Sapphire Properties frequently offer the best projects to investors. This time, Islamabad Blue World City presents an awesome investment option for you. Let us investigate more to learn more about this amazing idea.

On Chakri Road, Blue World City is an up-to-dated housing development close to the New Islamabad Airport. With various payment options, this project provides the best investment possibilities, including residential and commercial real estate, affordable apartments, and dazzling farmhouses.

The M2 connects Lahore and Islamabad alongside the Blue World City Chakri Road in Rawalpindi. In a few years, it's expected that the Islamabad Blue World City Housing Society would surpass all previous examples of twin cities in terms of civic facilities, including life-size copies of famous landmarks like the Burj Al Arab. Blue World City Islamabad is expanding thanks to the CPEC (Economic Corridor of China and Pakistan) and the new international airport.

Prices at Islamabad Blue World City show that it is the ideal choice for those looking to make a respectable real estate investment. The developers also provides a variety of online services, including Blue World City online verification. To monitor the status of your payments and your online certifications, go to their website.

Although there are number of attractions in blue world city islamabad, but in this article we have discussed about the top most attraction “Islamabad blue world city water theme park”.

Let us to explore the Islamabad blue world city water theme park highlights

Islamabad blue world city is a well-known residential and business complex in the Federal Capital Region. The Blue Group of Companies is also working on the project in conjunction with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The Blue World Water Park is only one of the many wonderful amenities that the housing community offers.
The Chakri Intersection and the freshly built Rawalpindi Ring Road are also close to the neighborhood.
The apartment building is swiftly garnering recognition for its distinctive design and affordable costs.
Another outstanding facility is the Islamabad Blue World City water park, which BWC built in collaboration with Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd.
Islamabad didn't have many water parks, thus the management decided to build this amusement center. There, families will congregate to spend time together.
Theme Park is being constructed over 70,000 square meters of hilly slopes and natural bends. It enhancing the adventure and thrill of the setting. For an exciting family day out, Islamabad Blue World City water theme park has a kids' play area in addition to all the well-known fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and others.
Islamabad Blue World City Housing Society

What are the basic features of Islamabad Blue World Water Theme Park?

Following are the most common features of Islamabad Blue World City water theme park:
Beautiful Project with 70,000 Square Meters of Covered Space.
The place's beauty and exhilaration are enhanced by its naturally steep curves.
Amazing 21 High-Quality, Modern Slides.
Children Play Area

Why Islamabad Blue World city Water Theme Park is an ideal amenity for all people?

Islamabad Blue World City intends to build a world-class water theme park in order to increase tourism in the area. The necessary facilities will be present in this park to give visitors a memorable experience. The fastest progress is anticipated for this project, which is regarded as being the most crucial component of Blue World City Rawalpindi.

The director of Islamabad Blue World City Water Theme Park claims that this initiative would boost Pakistan's economy while also providing job possibilities for its citizens. As a result, Pakistan is drawing significant amounts of foreign investment, and its financial sector is expanding. Let us look at some of this incredible entertainment project's key characteristics:

Experienced and Professional Staff

The management team at Islamabad Blue World City is made up of experts who work in the water park sector. One of the most seasoned employees, a theme park manager is in charge of all operations, including the building and upkeep of rides.  
The blue world team has also enlisted the aid of a sizable number of entertainers, ticket takers at the main gate, concession stand workers, park cafes, and gift shops.

Assistance In Case of Emergency Situation

Islamabad Blue World City water theme park has emergency services available, and its designers built in a hospital in case of an emergency. A specialist medical team made up of nurses and doctors will be put together for any issue. Fractures, quadriplegia, or paraplegia can all be caused by slipping or falling, and all of these conditions are curable. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, the management is required to offer appropriate and prompt medical care.

Adequate safety and security solutions

People will visit the water parks and enjoy themselves. Families would therefore want to make sure that their children's safety is adequately secured. The management of the Islamabad Blue World City water theme park controls access to the parking area, rides, concession stands, and other attractions. Additionally, a digital warning network is set up to notify staff members in case of an emergency.

Ideal Vacation Place

Families wishing to get out of the house this Christmas season should visit the Islamabad Blue World City Water Park. Your day will immediately become happier thanks to the glistening blue water and twisting water slides. Additionally, you are free to take as many water rides as you like! It will therefore be a great weekend getaway from the stifling summer heat.

The development of Islamabad's residential area would be greatly enhanced by the Islamabad Blue World City Water Theme Park. Additionally, the park will offer residents of Islamabad a relaxing and enjoyable retreat. Furthermore, it will foster interpersonal relationships and provide a lovely picnic location away from the bustle of daily life. The Blue World City water park's alluring amenities further promote tourism.

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